DIY Spotlight – Almost Makes Perfect

Almost Makes Perfect is Molly Meldorf – her style is minimal meets boho meets perfection, and I can guarantee you’ll lose at least 3 hours of your day once you click this link. The payoff though is that you’ll add at least five (and that’s if you have something I’d imagine to be ‘restraint’) brilliant DIY ideas to your wedding list. I’m talking super easy DIYs – no “glue guns” or “saws.” And there’s also free printables!

Here are a few of my favourites:
  • Mini landscape wedding seating charts – these are beautiful, unique and creative, perfect for an outdoor wedding, and would be fun to make a family event.
  • Wedding binder – if you are organised (or would like to be) and can only deal with pretty things, check this out. Includes some phenomenally useful printables (guest and supplier checklists). This is a great engagement present to yourself, or anyone else!
  • Faux marble placecard holders – a thing that looks like marble for a fraction of the cost – you can’t go wrong! Re-use these to hold photographs at home.
 diy-wood-plant-hangers  our-wedding2  marble-place-card-holder-diy